Home Additions Inman Park GA

Home Additions to Make Your Home a Bigger, More Rewarding Place to Live in Inman Park, GA

If you look around your home in Inman Park, Georgia, and wonder if you can get a few more hundred square feet out of the property, you’re in luck! dBAtlanta is your premier home addition contractor in the community.

The experts at dBAtlanta can see the value of adding to your home. Expanding your home’s footprint can give it more value outside of more square footage. Who wouldn’t want a few dollars extra in value from their property?

Ready to Have a Bigger Home?

If your home bursts at the seams, it may be time for expansion. However, you need a home improvement company with your best interests in mind. With our experts, you can trust that your next significant home improvement project is in good hands – all thanks to decades of combined experience in the business.

What We Offer

dBAtlanta can handle nearly any home additions project you may need. Choose us for projects like:

  • Second-story addition: Sometimes, the best path forward is to go up! dBAtlanta can give you the second story you need for your home.
  • Garage addition: A bigger garage can serve as storage, additional space for a second vehicle, or even turn into the shop of your dreams.
  • Bathroom addition: Turn your existing bathroom into a spa with more square footage from dBAtlanta.
  • Bedroom addition: A larger bathroom can help you unwind after a long day or help you store every item in your wardrobe.

Check the dBAtlanta Difference

dBAtlanta is a group of experts in Inman Park, GA, dedicated to helping you give your home a bigger footprint. When it’s time to give your home that extra bit of space – and you that extra bit of comfort – contact us to learn how we can help!